Jan Rilatt
Jan Rilatt

youplus was set up in 2005 by Jan Rilatt,  a freelance trainer in order to collate her various areas of expertise in the personal development field. Jan’s training skills have developed as a result of her extensive experience of delivering her own training courses and workshops, 17 years in the voluntary sector and as a tutor with the Centre for Lifelong Learning (Hull University).

In February 2008, she organised a very successful conference on The Reality of Self Harm with the support of Grimsby Institute. Jan Sutton (author of Healing the Hurt Within) and Gillian Finch (C’isters) were the keynote speakers.  This led to a follow up conference in partnership with local Mental Health Services to identify available resources and address gaps in provision.

youplus is an approved trainer for Lincolnshire County Council (Adult Education) and both North, and North East Lincolnshire Councils as well as organisations such as Empower, YMCA, The Intelligence Project, and Shoreline Housing, numerous voluntary and community groups, foster carers, and private counselling agencies.

youplus enjoys partnership and collaborative work and is associated or worked with companies such as Workplace Wellness (EAP), Well Being Project, Riverside Training Gainsborough, Wright Mind Training Services Scunthorpe and Diane Miller, Colour Analysis Style and Image Coach.

In the light of the current COVID19 situation all courses are temporarily suspended.