Basic Counselling Skills

This one day workshop will give you an overview of the basic concepts of counselling skills, which will help your own personal development as well as helping others. (Please note that to be a fully qualified counsellor requires further study.) It’s suitable for anyone who works with people in a caring capacity and who wants to know more about counselling skills but are unable to commit time to do a longer course. These useful skills are transferable and beneficial to use in everyday life.

Do you work with people who want or need to off load to you?

Do you wish you had the skills to really help and support them?

Do you want to know more about counselling but can’t commit time time to do a lengthy course?

Then this workshop will help you learn the relevant skills to be able to help.

You will learn how to:

  • Define what is and what isn’t counselling
  • Identify the essential counsellor qualities
  • Identify a suitable environment for counselling
  • Be an effective, ‘active’ listener
  • Help people to move forward

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