Relight Your Fire

Do you:

  • Feel life has lost its purpose and meaning and you no longer have that inner ‘glow’?
  • Want to reignite the ‘spark’ and ‘rekindle’ your passion for life?
  • Want to improve your image and discover how to dress effortlessly letting the true you ‘shine’ through?
  • Want to ‘burn’ away all those inner gremlins that stop you from living life to the full?
  • Want to ‘keep your fire burning’ by having techniques and ideas to maintain your motivation for a more confident empowered YOU?

Relight Your Fire logo

Aimed at ladies who feel they want to reignite their ‘zest’ for life, address their negative self beliefs and who want to make positive changes, the workshop will empower and enable them to make lasting, positive changes to be happier, more fulfilled and more confident. It is a fun day with activities that include improving our image, dressing effortlessly, thinking about our dreams, setting our intentions for the future and challenging negative beliefs.

Diane Miller and Jan are passionate about helping people become the best they can be and love to empower and enable them to do so.