Self Harm Awareness Training

Self Harm Awareness Training Workshop
Self Harm Awareness Training Workshop

Target audience: Counsellors, Social services, Education, Health, Police, Voluntary & Community Groups & anyone who has been affected by or has an interest in Self Harm.

Following the workshop, you will:

  • be able to define the term ‘self harm’
  • have an understanding of the different types of self harm
  • be able to challenge the myths and realities around self harm
  • identify why people self harm
  • learn strategies and support mechanisms
  • and much more

“The Self harm Awareness course helped me understand that self harm is a way of coping for some people and that the physical pain of self harm is way of releasing some of their mental pain and anguish. I didn’t understand that before this course.”
Sharon Smith
Occupational Health Manager
Tata Steel